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Wiard-Bauer's Wired Biology Webpage
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 Classroom teacher:  Ms. Wiard-Bauer,

 Classroom:  Room N153


   DISTANCE LEARNING: Starting Monday, April 6

Go to Google Classroom. 

  • Use your school email
  • Classes:
    • ​W-B Biology 10
    • IB HL2 Biology
  • ​Week 1 (April 6-10): Check in to class everyday (do attendance AND the assignment)
  • Starting April 13: Block Schedule, but do Biology everyday if you can - note due dates!
  • Quarter 4 starts on Monday, April 20, and encd on Friday, June 5.



Student's t test calculator link - use unpaired t, and enter at least 10 values for each group (to compare two means)


Error Bars - to make your bar graph have DIFFERENT error bars (using standard deviation, etc.) on different bars.

Correlation Coefficient calculator link - to find the strength of the linear reltionship between two variables.

Chi-Square test calculator link - compare observed and expected frequencies

Easy Chi Square Calculator - fill in your "groups" and type in "expected" and "observed" for the categories.

Statistical Tests - Word document with links for several statistical measures and how they are used.

Official IB Syllabus - This is the official document from IB.  It is extensive.  It includes rubrics, etc.

Lab Write-Up Guide - Use this as a guide to writing you lab reports. 

IB HL2 Biology Class Syllabus – for SWHS

Link to add Desk Cleaner Data