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Click on the PDF's to see the document that was handed out in class, and the list of vocabulary. Check out the other helpful documents, too.



Student-made Quizlets: Thanks, Murphy and Erin!

Vocabular and grammar:

Verb conjugation practice

These web sites will allow you to design your own practice quiz on the topics that YOU need to study:

Present Perfect/Pluperfect practice:

Present perfect vs present perfect subjunctive:

Future tense practice (also practice reading poetry!):

Subjunctive with verbs of emotion

Sujunctive with doubt (vs certainty):

Realidades Test Practice (NOTE: There are topics in these practice tests that are not on the final.  However these questions are very good practice for the final.) 

CH 4:

CH 5:

CH 6:

CH 7:


ALL OF THE TENSES!!!!  Only for the brave...Do you have what it takes?

all perfect tenses, even those we haven't studied: