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wellness book

Wellness Book

Page 0:  Title Page- Your name and Wellness

Page 1:  Internal Inventory- triggers, drainers or even fuel

Page 2:  Self-Care- food, movement, sleep, etc.

Page 3:  When the going get’s tough… - extra help or treats than you will give yourself when the

going gets tough

Page 4: Live in the present  - always living in the future or past can be weighty. Take a walk!

Page 5:  your choice- anything that promotes wellness or flourishing

Page 6:  Receive and give-  do you decline help? Don’t!    be open to others

Page 7:  Acts of Kindness!  Altruism is healthy.

Page 8:  PERMA

Page 9:  Signature strengths, values that ground you


your book is your book, be creative, enjoy the process, you do not have to follow above guideline, but you need 9 pages of ideas that will promote your well-being!