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14 visitors from Kasugaoka High School, Osaka Japan
Presents from Mary
presents in a box
presents in a box
Kasugaoka Students received handmaid books from Mary Witkus who was going to be their book making teacher.  You can see how happy they are!
Dear Students and Parents,
I am looking for host families for Kasugaoka High School’s visit in March. Kasugaoka High School became our sister school in December 2013. We have been doing an exchange program for 10 years. I attached the tentative itinerary below for their visit. If you are able to be a host family for a visitor from Japan, please let me know.
Present from Mary
High School will be in Minneapolis from Wednesday, March 4th to Tuesday, March 10th. More than 40 students at Kasugaoka applied to come to Minneapolis. I need as many host families for students as possible, or we will have to disappoint many and refuse their visit.
This year’s visit will be short but I would like Kasugaoka students to have a great experience, as many as we can provide them. We are looking for families that are willing to do some sightseeing in the Twin Cities with their guests and integrate them into their daily family lives. Since that school has shown us such great hospitality in the past, we would like to reciprocate in like fashion with warmth
Present from Mary
and generosity. 
Optimally, the hosts would be able to offer their prospective guests a private room and bed. Because of transportation concerns for group meetings and events, families should also be in close proximity to Southwest High School. We are now building a list of potential families who could host. If you are in a situation to be able to offer such hospitality, please contact me by email at: Parents must respond to this email. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Mrs. French
Books Kasugaoka students' got
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