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Unit 1 - Data and Graphs

Class notes and handouts for Unit 1:Working with Data can be found below:


PDF SyllabusExpectations   --  Aug 29 - Go over syllabus and class expectations
PDF Day1 Unit1_intro   --  Aug 30 Day 1.1 - introduction to statistics
PDF HW_1.0A   --  HW 1.0A handout on exploring data
PDF Day2 BarCharts   --  Aug 31 Day 1.2 - bar charts of categorical data
PDF HW_1.1A   --  HW 1.1A - bar charts and pie charts for categorical data
PDF Day3 2wayTables   --  Sept 4 Day 1.3 Categorical data with 2-way tables
PDF HW 1.1B   --  HW 1.1B categorical data and 2-way table analysis
PDF Day4 DotPlots   --  9/5 Day 1.4 working with dot plots & qualitative data
PDF HW 1.2A DotPlots   --  HW 1.2A working with dot plots & quantitative data
PDF Day5 Histograms   --  Sept 6 Day 1.5 into to histograms
PDF Day6 QuizHisto   --  Sept 7, Day 1.6 Quiz on categorical data and then work on histograms
PDF Day7 Center   --  Sept 10 Day 1.7 Measures of Center and IQR
PDF HW 1.2CData   --  HW 1.2C - data on oscar winners to make histograms with and compare
PDF Day8 BoxPlots   --  Sept 11, Day 1.8 working with 5-pt summary and box plots
PDF Day9 StandDev   --  Sept 12 day 1.9 what is standard deviation
PDF Day9 SD_handout   --  Sept 12, Day 1.9 handout on standard deviation calculation
PDF Day10 Quiz1.2   --  Sept 13 day 1.10 Quix 1.2 on Quantitative data and work on hw (short class)
PDF Day11 4StepProcess   --  Sept 14, day 1.11 using a 4-step process to analyze a statistical question
PDF Day11 HO_4step   --  Sept 14, day 1.11 handout for example of using a 4-step process
PDF Day12 Review   --  Sept 17, Day 1.12 review for unit test on data and graphs
PDF Day13 UnitTest   --  Sept 17, Day 1.13 Unit 1 test on data and interpreting displays