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The IB Diploma

Pursuing the IB Diploma is the most challenging pathway a student can take at Southwest High School.

To be eligible for the IB Diploma, a student must take courses and exams in six different subject areas.  Three to four of these exams must be HL and two to three must be SL.  Up to two exams can be taken during junior year.  Some students will need to take all six exams at the end of senior year.

Students complete coursework and assessments in the following academic areas:


World Lanuage

Social Studies



Fine Arts (or another approved option)

IB Diploma Candidates must also:

-- take the Theory of Knowledge Course during junior and senior years

-- write an Extended Essay in a field of study of interest

-- complete the Creative, Activity, and Service (CAS) program

Completing the requirements for the Diploma does not mean the student has automatically earned the IB Diploma.  They must earn a specified number of points based on their performance on exams, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay.  Results are posted on a secure IB website for student viewing in July after the May exams.


College credit is available at many colleges and universities.  Policies vary by school and depend on the scores achieved on each exam.  Check out credit policies at