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Syllabus 2018-19

International Baccalaureate English

IB SL 1 Literature and Performance


Instructors: Casey Briskin:

Office Hours: Room 307: 7:30-8:00 and 3:00-4:00

I am available every day to help you with assignments or to answer any questions or concerns you have about the course.


Course Description:         

 IB Literature and Performance SL1: This course examines literary and dramatic texts and seeks to develop intellect, imagination and creativity. This course is an interdisciplinary synthesis of literature and performance. It incorporates essential elements of literature and theater to explore the dynamic relationship between the two.


Semester 1: Reading and Performing Drama                          Semester 2: Adapting Prose and Poetry to the stage



Theater Games

Play: Antigone (Translated by Fitts & Fitzgerald)

Play: Same Difference by Samuel Roberson

Novel: Sold by Patricia McCormick

Play: The Blues Eye (adaptation of Toni Morrison’s novel)

Poetry: Cornelius Eady

Play: Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde

Novel: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Drama                                                                                              Assessments:

Same Difference                                                                              Scenes performed by students/Character analysis


The Bluest Eye                                                              


Lady Windermere’s Fan                                                               Group scenes and analysis on play;

                                                                                                            Promptbook, group performance,

IB assessment: Written Coursework Paper: Critical analysis of a play and performance




Antigone                                                                               Acting scenes and writing of character analysis. 


(Field trip to The Park Square Theater to see production of Antigone Feb. 12)


Adaptations of fiction and Poetry                                                            


Novel: Sold                                                                                 Adaptation of vignettes and analysis of language


Poetry of Cornelius Eady                                                              Performance of dramatic monologue and poetry      analysis.  



Novel: The Great Gatsby                                                              Character Analysis, scene adaptation and final performance





Course Goals and Learning Objectives:

Students will continue to develop their:                   

·              appreciation of drama, poetry and literature

·              skills in literary criticism and academic writing

·              understanding of the formal, stylistic and aesthetic qualities of texts

·              confidence in performing scenes

·              ability to articulate responses to literature and performance in a variety of styles

·              perspective of different cultures, periods and genres.


Expectations and Policies:

Academic Honesty: Students must submit their own work. Plagiarism and cheating is not tolerated. Infractions will result in an automatic F on the assignment or the test, and I will call home. There will be no option to re-submit work that is plagiarized.


Assignments are expected on the due date.  Late assignments will drop a grade each day they are late. I will not accept late work after one week from its due date. There will be no opportunity to turn in late or missing work after a week from its original due date.


If you have a printing problem, e-mail the assignment both to me and to yourself the night before the paper is due, and then print the assignment at school.

Please talk to me if you are ill or miss class due to an emergency.


Attendance:  Being prompt to class shows respect and courtesy to me and to your peers. Attendance is taken at the beginning of class. After five tardies, you will be referred to your AP or Dean, and I will call home.  If you miss a test but your attendance for other classes show you are present in school, you will not be permitted to retake the test. This also applies for major projects and assignments. 


Unexcused absences: Students who are chronically absent will be invited to a conference attended by your parents, the IB coordinator, and me. The work from excused absences must be made up within 3 days of returning to school. If you skip class on a test day or when a paper is due, you will receive a zero on that assignment. If you are involved in school activities and will miss class, I expect you to drop your paper off before class.  This includes student council meetings, blood drives, sports events, etc.


Electronic Devices are a distraction to class. Absolutely no cell phones are allowed. Cell Phones must be placed in the assigned wall pocket.  If I see a phone, I will take it and hold on to it until the end of class. If you do not follow my cell phone policy, I will contact parents and schedule an appointment for you to visit your AP or Dean.


Participation and Behavior


This class is a participatory experience. Students are expected to be active, thoughtful participants, both as speakers, listeners and performers. I expect students to come to class with an open mind and with a willingness to build trust in the community through group activities and theater games. I expect students   to be respectful of class time; students who are more loquacious may want to practice listening skills, and reticent students may need to practice speaking up and voicing their ideas more. Please be mindful of the community by allowing others to speak their opinion, and by respecting multiple viewpoints. Mutual respect is the key to building a strong community in the classroom.  


Please be respectful of the classroom and do not leave papers, books, or trash on the desks or floors. If you want to doodle, please use paper-but not the desk.



Grades are awarded through accumulative points. Projects, tests and papers will be worth more points than in-class assignments and homework.