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Southwest Students and Families,

The Southwest Counseling Team is excited to offer you another opportunity to stay on top of important dates and information.

We know that students and families receive their information from a variety of sources. To make information from the counseling team as accessible as possible, we’ve created our own “classes” to share important information about academics and college/career. To target information, we are setting each graduating class up with its own account. Join the one(s) that impact you!


To sign up:

Class of


Text code below to 81010

2019 @2019swccc





2022 @2022swccc



What type of information are you talking about?
Notifications/reminders about dates, deadlines, or other important information or to draw your attention to information that we have posted or emailed. These texts will be focused on college and career information and are NOT intended to provide building-wide information. We will NOT send emails like the CCC Happenings, as an example.

How many texts are you planning to send?
Great question! We like to operate under the “less is more” idea. We want to get you the information but not get you so annoyed that you don’t read the texts. This is a new thing for us, and we will look for feedback to improve our service.

Does this cost me?
“Data and messaging rates may apply”—isn’t that the usual warning? It depends on your service plan and whether you are allowed a designated number of texts a month.

But I LOVE emails…
Don’t worry! We will continue with the same communication as before. We hope that this enhances the work that we are already doing.

Is this translated?
No, unfortunately not. At this time, the texts can only be sent in English.