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Staff & Student Spotlight

There are so many wonderful things happening at Southwest High School, and this school year, the Positive School Wide Engagement team wants to recognize our hard work and commitment to our jobs and learning. Each week, one staff member will be highlighted in our Staff Spotlight section. When chosen, that staff member gets to choose a student for our Student Spotlight. Be sure to congratulate our staff and student of the week when you see them around! Let's acknowledge the hard work we do! 

Student Spotlight Week of 11/14/2016

12th grade.  Do ya know her?? WOW she is great, she is all things we want everyone to be. Student Council, athlete, and a role model for everyone. She is always the first to step up and say,  ‘Yes, I will do that, to help you out’. Truly, she is an inspiration.  Fanta, after graduation will be attending college to become a pediatric nurse. She has applied to many colleges and quite frankly they should all be fighting over who gets her. Ms. Patnoe is proud to know her and even more proud that she embodies what we call a Laker. Plus, have you seen her smile?