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Staff & Student Spotlight

There are so many wonderful things happening at Southwest High School, and this school year, the Positive School Wide Engagement team wants to recognize our hard work and commitment to our jobs and learning. Each week, one staff member will be highlighted in our Staff Spotlight section. When chosen, that staff member gets to choose a student for our Student Spotlight. Be sure to congratulate our staff and student of the week when you see them around! Let's acknowledge the hard work we do! 

Student Spotlight Week of 10/17/2016

I very proudly present Amina Hassan as the Spotlight Student. Amina asks wonderful questions, contributes greatly to discussion and is always willing to ask for help or clarification if she needs it. In addition, Amina brings an amazingly positive attitude to the class and is the perfect role model of what it means to be an IB student.

 Amina, while living in Africa, taught herself how to read English, even thought the school was Dutch. Amina enjoys English because it is not restricted to any one topic. In fact, any topic is applicable to English class, which also allows students to share parts of themselves and connect with material on a personal level.