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Student Pictures for the Yearbook!

Graphic of Class Pictures from Yearbook

Hey Lakers! 

We need you for the yearbook!   Every year, we get requests to “replace” the lifetouch photo in the yearbook for underclassmen.  This is your lucky year!  Heres’ a link to a submit your picture for the yearbook. (Please note you will need to login with your school account) Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors!  Photos will be accepted from 1/27/2021 to 2/10/2021.   Read the instructions carefully.  They are simple but critical!!!  Only one reseponse per student, so choose your picture carefully!

  • Photo must show head and shoulders of just you.
  • You must be facing the camera with your full face in view, and centered in teh fraim.  No side profiles.
  • Your photo must include you and no one else.  No photo bombing or group selfies.  Do not include hand gestures of any kind.
  • Do not include sunglasses, hats or anyting else that obstructs the view of your face. (exception for items used for religious purposes)
  • You must submit a color picture.  No black and white or filtered photos.
  • Avoid odd shadows over your face and find good lighting.  The light should be in front of you.