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Student Aide Information

Student Aide Forms will be available in the CCC on the first day of school. The Student Aide process will follow the same timeline and deadline as the Schedule Change Requests.

Students with "Placeholder Aide" indicated on their schedule should come to the CCC during that class period to pick up a form.

Students without "Placeholder Aide" in their schedule must follow their schedule as-is on the first day of school and may pick up a Schedule Change Request Form AND a Student Aide Form from the Counseling Offiice beginning after school on the first day of school. Both forms must be submitted to request a Student Aide period. Students must continue to follow their scheudle as it appears in Portal until the schedule change is made.

After submitting a completed Student Aide Form to the Counseling Office, students report to that teacher's classroom.

Student Aide Agreements:

  • Priority given to students in 12th grade. Students in 11th grade may be considered with Administration approval.
  • Students interested in aiding are responsible for finding a teacher to aide for.
    • Student Aides may only aide during class periods (not teacher prep periods).
    • Only 1 Student Aide per teacher per class period (2 Aides per class period allowed in Athletic Office and Physical Education classes).
  • Student Aides must remain with teacher or supervising staff person for the full period each day.
  • Student Aides can earn 0.25 elective credit per quarter and will be granted credit/no credit (CR/NC) each quarter.
  • Attendance is required to receive credit.
  • Student Aides may only aide for 2 semesters of their 4 years of high school.
  • Students with "Placeholder Aide" in their schedule who do not submit a completed Student Aide Form will be scheduled into any credit-bearing class with open seats that class period.