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Staff & Student Spotlight

There are so many wonderful things happening at Southwest High School, and this school year, the Positive School Wide Engagement team wants to recognize our hard work and commitment to our jobs and learning. Each week, one staff member will be highlighted in our Staff Spotlight section. When chosen, that staff member gets to choose a student for our Student Spotlight. Be sure to congratulate our staff and student of the week when you see them around! Let's acknowledge the hard work we do! 

Staff Spotlight Week of 9/26/2016

Tabitha and Ms. Wiard-Bauer

While Linda Wiard-Bauer was in Vet school, she asked her colleagues; "If you won the lottery, What would you do?" They answered with some kind of veterinary goal, and Linda said "I'd be a teacher." The light bulb went off, and she quit vet school to be a teacher. She had wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten! She is a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison. She also has her masters of Education from the University of Minnesota. She is certified to teach life sciences (Biology) and Mathematics for Grades 7-12 She loves her subject matter and you can often hear her voice loudly promoting the content. She also gets louder as she gets excited. She is also known as that woman that "Talks to strangers!" Don't wear anything interesting in her class because it will warrant a comment. As a high school student, she excelled. She graduated first in her class! In her free time, Ms. Wiard-Bauer likes to brew beer, swim, bike, ski, and run. She has done half marathons, triathlons, and ski/bike tours. She can talk about hops and fitness at length and has a hard time suppressing her enthusiasm. She loves teaching and it shows. She loves people and it shows. Her ultimate dream would be to buy a sprinter (type of RV) and get a German Shepherd dog. Ms. Wiard-Bauer is a great teacher. She leaves late, arrives early, and welcomes students that want extra help.