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Our goal in speech is to support you as you become a confident and caring speaker who is knowledgable and reflective about how their presentation choices affect, influence, and impact their audience. The skills you learn in speech are truly ones that will last a lifetime! 


We will practice developing these skills in team and individual practices two times a week. Then, we will compete against other speakers from other schools across our section and state each Saturday. At the end of the season, we all students will compete in our section tournament. Depending on your success at sections, you may have the opportunity to compete at the state tournament as well. 


Southwest speakers always bring a level of creativity and critical thinking to the world around them. Your speech coaches encourage you to bring in that creativity and critical thinking and use it to your advantage throughout the course of the season. 


Speech is an activity recognized by the Minnesota State High School League and all students on our team will have an opportunity to compete in the Sectional tournament that could qualify them for the State  tournament. Additionally, speakers are a part of the National Forensics League (NFL) and may participate in the qualifying tournament to compete in Nationals. Speakers who are consistently participating and competing with our speech team will be able to earn a Varsity letter from Southwest High School .

Ali Vujovich, Room 317 

Jimmy Lipps, Room