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Southwest Scheduling Information

Semester 2 Schedule Changes

The window of time for requesting 2nd semester schedule changes is now closed; students may no longer submit requests to change their schedule.

The window for making a schedule change request began at 8:00 am, Monday, Feb. 1, and closed at 3:30 pm, Friday, Feb. 5.  Making a request does not guarantee a schedule change.  Students must follow the schedule they see in their portal.  If a student does not see a schedule change three days after making a request, they may contact their counselor to inquire why the change was not made.  

Southwest students' schedules are the result of intentional academic planning completed in collaboration between students, families, teachers and counselors each spring.

Once students submit final course registration cards in the spring, this information is used for the upcoming academic year's budget, staffing, and to create the school's master class schedule. Thus, altering student schedules after the registration process is complete is challenging and limited.

All students who wish to change a class will have the opportunity to submit a formal Schedule Change Request Form following the Southwest schedule change request process (see below). It is not always possible to accommodate all schedule change requests.

Typically, all schedule change requests require parent and student signature, and in some cases additional signatures from other staff (e.g. AVID Coordinator, IB Diploma Coordinator, case manager, etc.) may be required. Therefore, practice has been for all schedule change requests to be  submitted in writing using the Southwest Schedule Change Request Form. This year, however, the process will be virtual - students will submit a Google Form to request a schedule change. By signing and submitting the Schedule Change Request Form, students and families agree to the schedule change process, timeline, agreements, and approved reasons for requesting a schedule change (see sections below). Schedule change requests cannot be submitted via email, phone, or in person.

It is important that students are in the appropriate academic level courses where they are being challenged but not overwhelmed. After the schedule change request window closes, if a student believes they are in the wrong level of a core class, they are encouraged to reach out to their teacher for support and to make a plan for success. If they find they are still struggling, or the teacher recommends a level change, students may schedule an appointment with their Counselor to discuss a level change request.

Schedule Change Request Process and Timeline

  • Students may submit a Schedule Change Request Form during the first week of each semester.
  • The deadline to submit a completed Schedule Change Request Form is 3:15 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of each semester.
  • After submitting a Schedule Change Request Form for an approved reason (see below), students are responsible to monitor Student Portal for any schedule changes that may be made.
  • Students must continue to attend their current classes as scheduled in Student Portal after submitting a Schedule Change Request Form until they see the schedule change reflected in Student Portal.
  • It is not always possible to accommodate all change requests.
  • If a student does not see their change request in Student Portal within 4 days, they may contact their Counselor for follow up.
  • Schedule changes are addressed on a priority basis as follows:
    • PRIORITY 1: Student has an empty class period (e.g. no 2nd period class)
    • PRIORITY 2: Student is missing a core class (e.g. no English class)
    • PRIORITY 3: Student is in the incorrect level of math
    • PRIORITY 4: Student is in the incorrect level of world language
    • PRIORITY 5: Student is in a specialized program (IB Diploma, IB Career-related Program, AVID) and is missing the required class for that program (TOK, PPS, or AVID)
    • PRIORITY 6: Student would like to request an elective change or has changed their mind and would like to request a different class than what they requested last spring during course registration
  • Important notes regarding schedule change priorities:
    • Priorities 1-5 are made as soon as possible, with the goal of 24-48 hours. If incorrect information is submitted for Priorities 1-5, the schedule change request form will be void.
    • Priority 6 schedule change requests are addressed once Priorities 1-5 have been completed.
  • If the schedule change request is...
    • possible: the new schedule may be followed as soon as the change is visible in Student Portal
    • not possible, or submitted form is inaccurate/incomplete: there will be no change, student must continue to follow original schedule

Schedule Change Request Agreements

Schedule changes...

  • may rearrange other courses and/or teachers
  • may impact high school graduation pathways and potential college admission outcomes
  • are completed for appropriate reasons which do not include: teacher preference, lunch change, friends' schedules, or outside of school or after school activities (see Reasons for Schedule Changes below)
  • for seniors who have already submitted transcripts to colleges and/or provided senior year course information on college applications are the student's responsibility to commnuicate to colleges about the change
  • are final. If the change is possible and made, the resulting schedule will be the final schedule. Reversing to original schedule after the change has happened is not possible.

Reasons for Schedule Changes

Approved Reasons for Schedule Change Requests

Schedule change requests are reviewed if a student is…

To request a change, the student must…

… not scheduled into a class during one of the class periods.

...submit a Schedule Change Request Form immediately on the first day of school.

… scheduled into 2 classes in the same period.

… scheduled into the same class twice (e.g. Biology 1st period and Biology 6th period).

… not scheduled for a CORE class (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language)

...submit a Schedule Change Request Form immediately on the first day of school.

… placed in wrong level and is requesting a level change.

… in a course they have already successfully completed.

… not in one of the 7 ranked electives selected during spring registration last year.


Non-approved Reasons for Schedule Change Requests

Schedules changes cannot be accommodated if…

… the request is for: a teacher change, a lunch change, based on friends’ schedules, or based on outside of school or after school activities.

… it would create an imbalance in class sizes (e.g. moving a student from a smaller class into a larger class).

… the request is submitted by email, phone, or in-person (must use Schedule Change Request Google Form to submit requests).