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Semester 1 Final

Below are copies of review problems for the Semester final exam. 

The final exam will be on Tuesday January 22 for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Hours 
                             and on Wednesday January 23 for 1st Hour.


PDF Rev1 CoveredTopics   --  List of topics to be covered on the semester final exam
PDF Rev1 QuadProbs   --  Review set 1 - Quadratic problems
PDF Rev1 QuadSolns   --  Solutions to the Quadratics review problems
PDF Rev2 FunctionProbs   --  2nd review set - Functions problems
PDF Rev2 FunctionSolns   --  Function review solutions
PDF Rev3 ExponFuncts   --  Review problems on Exponential functions
PDF Rev3 ExponSolns   --  Solutions to the Exponential review problems
PDF Rev4 LogarithmProbs   --  Review set 4 on logarithm problems
PDF Rev4 LogarithmSolns   --  Solutions to logarithm problems
PDF Rev5 Transforms   --  Review set on transformations
PDF Rev5 Transformsolns   --  Solutions to the transformation review problems.