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Scholarships from private sources can be a helpful supplement to financial aid packages offered from colleges or universities.  Private scholarships have a wide range of eligibility, application requirements, and deadlines, so it's important to thoroughly read through any information for scholarships you're considering.   In addition to the links on the right hand side of the page, all Southwest students have access to the scholarship database on Naviance through their Naviance account (Colleges-- Scholarship--- Scholarship Search, Match, or List will all bring you to the database).  Scholarship information is posted outside of the Counseling Office and CCC and is highlighted in each Monday’s CCC Happenings email newsletter.

Southwest Scholarships to Note:

The SW General Scholarship Application is open to all Southwest seniors. The application is available only on Naviance under the "about me" tab.  The Southwest General Scholarship Application will be open in late winter/early spring.  There is typically a 1 month period for students to complete the online application and submit financial documentation (if they would like to be considered for the awards that require financial need).  

The Southwest High School Foundation's James Baxter Scholarship ($2,500) will be open to Southwest seniors involved in Varsity atheletics.   Paper applications for the Baxter will be available in the Counseling Office and CCC in spring. 

The Southwest High School Foundation's Steve Griak Scholarship ($2,000)  will be open to Southwest seniors invovled in Varsity atheletics. Paper applications for the Griak will be available in the Counseling Office and CCC in spring.  

(Information about last years' scholarships is avialable below.  Note that some award amounts, application questions, etc. may change for the official applications this spring.)