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Sayles, Joe


Welcome to Southwest High School. I have been supporting students in a variety of social studies and special education settings for over 20 years. I hold all students to high expectations for academic performance and behaviors while differentiating for individual needs.
Subjects:  High School Foundations and Senior Seminar ( both for students with an IEP), AP Geography Support

HS Foundations and Senior Seminar are special education classes for development of academic skills (primarily reading and writing) and "soft" skills like organization, emotional regulation i.e.-managing anxiety. These classes accommodate diverse learners in a variety of life situations, allowing smaller class sizes and individual support, while helping students fulfill requirements for graduation.

Room :  W203
Phone: 668-7478 (voice mail only) or call the office 668-3030
This is the best way to reach me. I am committed to answering all emails within 24 hours.
My classroom rules are simple to understand and remember:
1. Be ready (on time with supplies) 
2. Be nice  
3. Work hard 

If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email.  Thanks, Lets work together and have a great year.