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2018-2019 Scheduling Information

Note: Any/all changes requests must come from the paper form  

Requests by phone, email, or in-person cannot be accepted

Students must continue to follow their current schedule, exactly as it appears in Portal, until the class change is visible in the Student Portal schedule.

Schedule changes may take 2-3 days to complete.


Reasons for Schedule Change

Approved Reasons for Schedule Change Requests:

Schedule Change Requests are reviewed if a student is…

To Request a Change:

Student must…

… not scheduled for a class during one of the class periods. to Counseling Office at the start of that class period on the first day of school (or first day of the semester)

… scheduled for 2 classes in the same period.

… scheduled for the same class twice (Biology 1st period and Biology 6th period).


… not scheduled for a CORE class (English, Social Stu., Math, Scie

nce, World Lang.)


…submit a Schedule Change Request Form

… placed in wrong level – and is requesting a level change.

… in a course they have already successfully completed.

… not in an elective they registered for last year.


Non-approved reasons for Schedule Change Requests:

Schedule Changes will not happen…

… if the request is for: a teacher change, a lunch time change, based on friends’ schedules, or  

    based on outside-of or after-school activities.

… if it would create an imbalance in class sizes (move a student from a smaller class into a larger class).

… if request is submitted by email, phone, or in-person (MUST use paper form to make requests).