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Syllabus 2018 - 2019



Class Resources


Friday, Feb 1
  • Welcome to TOK!
  • What is Theory of Knowledge (TOK)?
  • Syllabus
  • Pair Share


What is TOK - YouTube

PowerPoint Day 1

Would You Rather? 

Purchase a TOKA notebook


Monday, Feb 4
  • Introductions
  • Write something you know? 
  • Ways of Knowing
  • Group Activity WOKs

PowerPoint Day 2

Toka #1

Define all the Ways of Knowing (WOKS)

Tuesday, Feb 5
  • Discussion on TOKA #1 and WOK activity
  • ​​Speed dating. Ask & Answer questions

Toka #2

Write 100 questions

Wednesday, Feb 6



Toka #3

Who am I? 


Thursday, Feb 7
  • SPAR Day! 



Friday, Feb 8


  • The Extended Essay
  • What is it?
  • Exploration of the categories

Link to the Extended Essay Handbook


​Complete Extended Essay proposal in Managebac  by February 22, 2019 


Monday, Feb 11



  • Circle
  • Discuss in small groups the community of knowers data
  • Determine discussion norms




Tuesday, Feb 12
  • Becoming Philosphers - what are they?
  • Modern Day Philosophers
  • Personality Tests

Gregore's Survey

Gregore's Characteristics



Scroll down to Jung Typology Test

PowerPoint Day 5

Toka #4

1.In a few words or phrases, describe yourself. Is this easy? Difficult? Why?  

2. After you have taken both of the personality tests to the left, jot down any interesting or troubling discoveries.

3. Did the results from these tests confirm what you already knew? Do you disagree with any of the results? Why or why not?