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Southwest High School is a Community Partnership School (CPS). We have a Leadership Council made up of staff, students, parents, and community members.

Committees meet early mornings of every "late-start" 7:45-9:45 am (usually the 2nd Thursday of each month.)
If you can't make a morning meeting, you can learn more about Southwest's committees online HERE.


WELCOME/BIENVENIDOS/SOO DHAWOW to the 2018-19 School Year!


At Southwest High School the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) helps families connect to each other and to the school. We welcome you-- and our new principal, Dr. Michael Favor-- to the 2018-19 school year. Dr. Favor will need everyone's help to support our students. As he says, "The students are listening and watching us".  Join us to create a community of parents to listen and learn about what all our students and teachers need. This is a time to build a strong school community.



En la High School Southwest la Organización de Padres, Maestros y Estudiantes (PTSO por sus siglas en inglés) ayuda a familias a conectarse unas con las otras y también a la escuela. Le damos la bienvenida- y nuestro nuevo director, Dr. Michael Favor- al año escolar 2018-19. Dr. Favor va a necesitar la ayuda de todos para apoyar nuestros estudiantes. Como él dice, “Los estudiantes están escuchando y mirándonos.” Creamos una comunidad de padres para escuchar y aprender de las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes y maestros. Este es el tiempo para construir una escuela más fuerte. Construimos juntos nuestra comunidad.



Dugsiga sare ee Southwest urrurka iskaashiga waalidiinta ,macalimiinta,ardayda (PTSO) ururkaan waxaa uu caawinayaa isku xirnaanshaha dugsiga. Waxay ku soo dhaweeynayaan dugsiga— Maamulaha cusub, Dr. Michael Favor— sanad dugsiyeedkaan  2018-19. Dr. Favor waxaa uu doonayaa in uu ruux walba ka qeyb qaato sidii loo taageeri lahaa ardaydeena. Sida uu hadalka uu u dhahay, "Ardaydeenu waa ay na dhageysanayaan oo na fiirsanayaan."  Abuurida bulsho ay ka midka yihiin waalidiinta si ay u dhageystaan waxna uga ogaadaan waxa ay ardaydeenu iyo macalimiinteena u baahan yihiin. Waqtigaan hada waa in aqan ka shaqeynaa sidii aan ku dhisi laheyn bulshada dugsigeena. Aynu wada dhisno bulshadeena.

Para aprender más:

Favor de agregar su nombre a la lista de correo del PTSO: Favor de mandar un correo electrónico a con sus preguntas


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Southwest Foundation @SouthwestFoundation

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Important Dates:

To meet teachers, find out more about CPS, and work together to make important decisions for SW, come to monthly SW Breakfasts (7:30am) followed by CPS Committee Meetings for staff, students, and families.


Let us know if you value PTSO's support of student led initiatives with Multicultural Meal and Student Speaker Events. Normally held 3x/year 6:30 - 8:30pm in the Commons.

Join teachers, students, and fellow parents at monthly BREAKFASTS on Thursday late starts (Committee Days!)

Do you have questions about how things work? Do you want to find out more about the school community? Do you enjoy pastries and coffee and easy parking?


February 7th is the next Community Breakfast at 7:30 am in the commons, committee meetings follow.

Volunteers needed:

IB orals   Week of 12/17

Teacher conference meal   2/14

IB testing proctor May dates TBA

Prom chaperones    5/3

Graduation cap and gown event 5/30

Find out more by adding your name to the SW Directory and PTSO mailing list:

SW thrives with your help. If you can volunteer, please contact the SW Volunteer Coordinator.

Parent / Student Directory

The Southwest High School PTSO hosts a secure online system for the SWHS Student and Family directory.  The directory is available online and has many convenient features such as mobile access, searching, creating a favorites list, showing maps, and printing custom versions.

This directory is ONLY available to current SWHS families who have opted into the system.  If you are returning to SW, your data has been imported from last year's directory, but you'll need to confirm that it's accurate and make any changes necessary. You can update your information at any time during the year to keep it current.  Please confirm your information ASAP.

Simply click on this link to create an an account and review your family's data. Make any changes and save to update.  Within a few days you should receive an email confirmation with login information.  You can then access the directory by logging in at or download the MySchoolAnywhere app on your smartphone.

Please also consider making a donation to the SW PTSO to support directory costs. (a donation can be made on the myschoolanywhere directory website, or you can send a check to the school with a memo noting "for SW PTSO." Thank you!

Our Mental Health and Wellness Committee is looking for new leadership. The Wellness team traditionally hosts Bread & Jam, music and snacks every Friday morning before school, occasionally also with reading/therapy dogs attending. If you would like to be involved in any of our Wellness Events throughout the year or to join the Wellness Committee, let us know.

If you know of a guest speaker relevant to teen interests/parenting teens, please also contact us.

The PTSO board members 2018-19 are:
Tina Lee, co-Chair
Julie Flaskamp, co-Chair
Jill Desanto, Treasurer
Lynda Shaheen, Volunteer Coordinator
Nance Kent, Community Outreach
Kirsten Mair, Secretary of Records and Compliance

Our PTSO Chairs attend Leadership Council Meetings and Breakfast Committee Meetings. ANYONE can attend PTSO, Leadership Council, and (most) Committee meetings.

PTSO encourages parents to attend Leadership Council meetings to stay informed and to populate committees which make important decisions for our school.

Parents have two voting seats on the LC and up to three alternates (Parent seats on the PTSO Board and on the Leadership Council are chosen each May), but MEETINGS ARE OPEN, and the more dedicated the team of parents attending, the better we can effect positive change at our school.

Recruitment for all Family/Parent Leadership is ongoing. Want to get involved? email

The SW Leadership Council page is HERE.
You will find basic information about the Leadership Council plus up-to-date links to agenda, minutes, members, and committees
Make sure to check all the tabs! (found at the bottom of Google spreadsheets).

The Leadership Council (LC) is the governing body of the school under the Community Partnership School (CPS) agreement with the district and teachers union. It decides the basics, like budget, calendar, curricula, and also the more ephemeral like school culture and equity work.