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Philosophy Club

We are a club where we discuss ideas about a wide range of subjects ranging from morals, to success, and much more. We meet every wednesday after school except when there is a late start day we meet Thursday before school. (Don't worry you do not have to get up early, the meeting is at 9:05)

Our before school meetings are in Mr. Ferris's room (311), they start at 9:05 (only on late start days) and have snacks, coffee, and tea. These are our biggest meetings, and are very similar to the after school meetinging. I strongly encourage people to come to these.

Our after school meetings are in Madame Glattly's room (W318) or in Señor Townsend's room (W314). The location depends on the avalibility of the teachers, they start at 3:15. In these meetings we have a big discussion on a specific set of ideas. I email the topic, and sometimes a sheet with notes about the topic on it, before the meeting. There is also snacks, coffee, and tea at these meetings. These meetings are structured more like a socratic seminar, with the big group being split up into multiple groups to really get the conversations flowing better.


Feel free to email me (Max Rabidue) at to get on the philosophy club email chain, or our advisor Mr. Ferris at if you have any questions.

Philosophy Club

We are a club here to discuss ideas about morals, success, and many other topics! We gather every Wednesday alternating between before and after school.