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How Parents Can Help Out

Parents are an important part of the Southwest Debate Team.  Parents and families support the students as they practice and participate in debate.  There are three main facets through which parents can be especially helpful to the team:

1.  Judging.  For every four students Southwest sends to a meet we are expected to provide one judge, with a penalty of $75 per judge we could not provide.  This year, the number of students on the team has far outpaced the number of judges we have so it's especially important that novice parents consider judging one or two of the tournaments.  Additionally, judging is a great way to stay involved in your child's life.

2.  Food.  Debating takes a lot of brainpower and energy.  It's a great help to the team to have bagels, fruit, chips, sandwiches, etc. provided at the meets.  This all takes donations and coordination. 

3.  Money.  Unlike most sports and activities, there is no fee to participate in debate.  That does not mean that debate is free, however.  We must pay for transportation costs, registration costs, judging fees, etc.  Most of our budget comes from the tournament that we host each year, and with a growing team that money is being stretched further and further.  Donations can be mailed to Att: Sharon Larson 3414 W 47th St. Minneapolis, MN 55410.   Make the check out to "Southwest Speech and Debate".  Any donations are greatly appreciated.