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ELL On-Line Support Links

ELL Websites (More sites will be added!)


Students must be enrolled in MCA Prep to access this site.


New Site (Used in class on 3/5/13)


John's ESL Site-


Adult Education site-


1. MPS ABE student page--organized by English levels with various topics for each level.      (You can also access this site from


1.B  Scholastica


2. Starfall--to practice sound-letter correspondence:


3. MPS ABE picture dictionary & Turtle Diary--great for beginning learners:


4. REEP student stories/activities--stories about different topics; really well done:


5. Good Websites for Power Point Presentation


6. Free on-line Spanish/English Dictionary


7. Somali Dictionary/ Somali>English English> Somali


8. US History Website/Timeline


9. History Website by Topic (This is a good site to help with your PP Presentation!)


10. Big Brothers/Sisters (Home page and KARE 11 video)