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Oberembt, Lance

Hello 9th graders, welcome to Southwest High School!

I teach 9th grade mathematics and I'm excited to start my 5th year as a Laker.

I'm located in room W101 by the front door. Come say hello!


Please explore my classroom's MYP Math 9 webpage and our 9th grade Team Cedar's webpage.



Do you dislike math?  Is math your favorite?  Check this out:






After School Help:  by appointment and

Monday:  Mr. Oberembt in room W101

Tuesday:  Mrs. Berg in room W125

Wednesday:  Mrs. Soli in room W118A (garage 2)

Thursday:  Mrs. Paulson in room W124


PLUS: Peer tutoring in room E112





Summer Review


Lance Oberembt
Open Streets - Minnehaha
PDF Summer Review   --  Practice problems for the advancement of learning during the summer.