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October 25, 2021

Greetings Southwest Laker Families

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for your responses via comments, questions, and suggestions regarding my email last week.  Decisions are not always popular, but addressing situations is always necessary.  

A couple of things that warrants additional information:

Southwests’ public display of inappropriate behavior seems to be escalating against Washburn High School this year: 

  1. SW Lakers defeat Washburn Millers in the football game.  The Trench stormed the field but were stopped by SW and Washburn staff at midfield.
    1. Dr. Butler’s warning in an announced to the entire school that coming across the field is not tolerated.  Coaches also warned players.  
  2. Washburn is vandalized with inappropriate and vulgar graffiti with close to $1,800 worth of damage and clean-up cost.
  3. Dr. Butler addressed the entire school and sent a video regarding positive rival behavior
  4. Dismantle the Trench
  5. Limit entrance to the games
  6. The Trench and fans storm the field to celebrate the awesome win at the boys SW & Washburn soccer game.  The taunting is beyond celebrating.

The positive things from the game:

  1. Good sportsmanship among the players on the field – even after the game.  
  2. The awesome energy of the generations of fans/spectators
  3. The current and former staff that came out and offered extra security support

The things that were very concerning:

  1. Safety of the staff and others that were along the fence.  They were holding onto the fence so that they would not get trampled.
  2. The inappropriate language and gestures during the unfriendly taunting .  
  3. Unsupervised students
  4. The dangerous driving and continued taunting as Washburn fans left the stadium


After listening and meeting with the Southwest families, students, and staff; the Washburn administration and community; the district administration and the community at large, a few adjustments were made for both Southwest and Washburn.

  1. Students are welcome to attend the games without a parent with the understanding that positive behavior is the expectation.  Inappropriate behavior will be excluded from the sporting event.  
  2. The Trench will continue BUT, adjustments will be mandatory:
    1. Limited Space:  The Trench is moved to the middle with staff/adults closely monitoring. Adults will be seated around and amongst the students.  

Take away and moving forward:

  1. Code of conduct will continue to be stated before each game
  2. Reminders throughout the game from an adult announcer regarding fan responsibilities
  3. The under current drama on Social Media needs to STOP immediately.  You may not be able to stop others from saying things, but you can control how you react and not respond!

I am confident that we can respectfully move forward with grace as we show our true Southwest Laker character! 

Please contact me for any further discussion.    


Gratefully yours,


Dr. Butler | Principal 


North & Southwest – We Are Taking a Stand!