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2015-2016 MUS News

Following are the announcments sent out by email to the team over the course of the 2015-2016 season.  Join the Facebook group to keep up with detailed team conversations (i.e., practice cancellations, carpool coordinating, etc.)

MUS News Week of 4/10/16
Sunday, April 10, 2016 3:35 PM

  • Wrapping up fundraising: If you’re done selling coupons, please return remaining coupons/packet and any money collected to Chris Hickman or John Lazur at practice.
  • Registration: Please get team registration fees and forms in if you haven’t. Many of you have forms in, but haven't submitted the team fee - $100, check to Southwest Ultimate Frisbee Club. And don't forget the USAU registration online. See the Spring 2016 Season page for details.
  • Tournaments: Let coaches know your intent!  Let Coach Chris know if you want to play at Madison Mudbath, April 29-May 1 w/ open team.  Let Coach Erin know if you can commit to Hopkins Hustle, May 7-8.  You can indicate intent via TeamSnap “availability” tab.
  • Games: see TeamSnap for up-to-date game schedules and locations. Be sure to mark your availability so the coaches know who to expect at each game. AND... be sure to come prepared: bring a white and a dark jersey (or something that can serve as such for now), warm layers, WATER, cleats, and rain gear.
  • Parent Drivers Are Needed for Away Games: If you can drive to and from (or just one way), please e-mail or indicate availability in TeamSnap.