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World's Second Simplest Survey


*Each participant is required to attend the June 25 and August 20 sessions and all webinars and hands-on sessions. (If you have seasonal after school responsibilities such as coaching, have a substitute or assistant coach available for those duties during the course of this grant.)
This is a substantial commitment of time—please be sure that you can fulfill this obligation before signing up!
Name (last, first) 
email address 
Subject Area Taught 
Computer Platform Preference
What Web 2.0 tools have you heard of and/or what are you interested in trying with your students?
Days of the week most convenient for meeting @ 5-7 p.m. Please check all that apply
Day of Week

Indicate whether you can attend both of the summer, one day workshops. June 25 and August 20.
Can attend all meetings
If you aren't available for one or more of the above summer dates, would you still like to participate in the meetings during the school year if I can arrange for that with the trainers? Please note that this is an "idea" that I'm floating with the grant writers and trainers and they haven't committed to it yet. I am certain that the summer workshop attendance will be required for the laptops.
participate regardless

* denotes a required field