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Lifeskills Math Syllabus

LIFESKILLS  PROGRAM   Math Course Syllabus

Instructor:  Patricia Mickle

Email Address:

Phone:  612-668-3030

Course Description:

The Lifeskills math class is a year long class.  This class is designed to teach and enhance student’s functional math skills.  The areas covered are: money management/budgeting, time, measurement, basic math computational and personal consumer skills. 

Classroom Expectations:  20 points per day can be earned which applies to their grade.

-       On Time

-       Class Participation

-       Respectfulness and Electronics


-       Any school policy or rule also applies to in-class expectations

 **Students will also be graded on assigned work and quizzes.

The following grading scale will be applied:

90-100%=A   80-89%=B   70-79%=C   60-69%=D   50-59%=F