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Online Textbook--Bien Dit Click here


French News and Newsday Tuesday

tv 5 site-web Click here

To get to Newsday Tuesday clips:

  • Click on the tv5 link above
  • Click on the gold "Afficher la liste" to find the correct title
  • Select the clip for "Niveau A2"
  • To watch the video, click "voir la video" off the the left
  • To download the worksheet, click "fiche eleve" off to the right


Niveau 1 et 2

Pauvre Anne: Listen to the text Click here

Pratiquons des horloges Click here

Flashcards for aller, être, and avoir Click here

Listen to French numbers  Click here

Poems to practice French sounds Click here

Games to practice vocab, grammar, et cetera Click here

An excellent site to peruse if you're looking for more on vocab, pronunciation, verbs, et cetera Click here

Bonjour France: Vocab, history, grammar and several games Click here


Interested in extra credit?  Read a French book, and write a brief report about it. 

  • If you have a Hennepin County Library Card, check out a French children's book at either the SOUTHDALE or EDINA library (both have excellent collections).
  • Read your book once through.
  • Read a second time, and pay attention to the story line (look at the pictures)--what is happening in this story?
  • Read a third time and take notes on any vocabulary.
  • Write a report including vocab words and their definitions, a summary of the story, and whether or not you would recommend this book and why.
  • Type your report and hand in to Mme Hallaway for extra credit!


Why learn a language?  The evidence...

NY TImes--bilingualism as studied by a cognitive neurobiologist Click here

Languages in demand