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Laker Locker


SWHS is excited to announce the opening of the Laker Locker! The Laker Locker is a FREE student store where students can go to get the necessities they need. The purpose of the Laker Locker is to ensure that every student’s physical and mental wellbeing is addressed as an integral part of their education. Alongside and in partnership with our Southwest Community, our Laker Locker ensures that students have access to clothing, school supplies and basic household items.


The Laker Locker will open for the first time the week of 11/20 for free shopping. The shopping times will be before school, during lunch and after school. These first few weeks will be a “soft opening”, hours are subject to change.


We are so appreciative of the partnership we have with our community. If you would like to support the effort, please check out our Amazon Wishlist. Items purchased off the list can be sent directly to the school via Amazon. SW will be updating the list as we get a feel for the items that are most needed. If you have connections or ideas for items, please reach out to Assistant Principal Megan Paulis de Rangel ( and/or Admin TOSA Amy Engler (


We are so excited to get this up and running. Thank you all for your support! GO LAKERS!

does this fire?!