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The second gathering at U Garden
The second gathering!

It was nice to chat with you at U Garden today.  Here are some updates about our participants: 

Susie is at U of M and still taking Japanese.
She is happy that  the US Women’s national team won their game against Germany in the Fifa World Cup semifinals and thus they are qualified to play in the final game on Sunday (July 4th). 
Stuart is studying Musical Theater with a concentration in Asian Studies at St. Olaf. He will be traveling to Japan next January.
Anna is studying Japanese and Linguistics at Boston University and plans on studying abroad in Japan (maybe even next year!).
Doone is studying media and culture studies with a minor in Journalism + Design at The New School in New York City. She hopes to visit Japan with Anna again soon.
Jackie Vo is still currently a student at the U of M and has taken Japanese as well. At this point if all goes accordingly, she will major in Biology, Society and the Environment with a minor in Japanese and Public Health. (This could change in the future) Jackie might watch the women’s final game at Susie’s house, open invite- JKJK ;)
Eli , Cameron and Taylor come back from Japan trip a week ago.
Emma came back at the end of March from a one year exchange program in Japan.
Laurel is still in Switzerland and will return home July 11th.
Denis is taking Japanese at U of M.
Henry and Matt were working.