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Retesting after the Feb 27 ACT

When registering for future ACT tests online:

  • Register at
  • When students create an account at the ACT website, they will be asked the 2 following questions:
    • Have you taken the ACT before?  Yes/No
    • Have you registered for the ACT before?  Yes/No
  • If a student HAS the 2/27 ACT ID already, then:
    • The next screen will ask the student to enter the ACT ID number
    • Answer "Yes" to taken ACT and answer "No" to register for ACT
  • If a student DOES NOT HAVE the 2/27 ACT ID, then:
    • Answer "No" to both taken ACT and register for ACT
    • Student will need to contact ACT if they would like to merge the 2 accounts once they know the 2/27 ACT ID.