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Japanese Program Calendar
Exchange program between Kasugaoka (our sister school)  and Southwest.  Kasugaoka visits us in March, Southwest visits Kasugaka in June as part of a larger Japan tour.
Japan Bowl (National High School Japanese Language and Culture Competition)---Won the J-Quiz (State) and went to the National competition in 2013.  Took 3rd place in the state competition in 2015




- Interact with students from University of Ehime in Japan

- Register for CIS Class at Southwest through the University of Minnesota and receive a University of Minnesota student ID


- J-Quiz T-shirt Contest


- Japanese Grant Award Ceremony

- SAT II Japanese Test


- Japanese Day at Minnesota Zoo

- Haiku Contest

- Send our New Year’s Cards to our sister school, Kasugaoka High School in Japan


- Receive New Year’s Cards from our sister school, Kasugaoka High School in Japan


- Field trip to Minneapolis Institute of Arts, United Noodle, and Zen Box

- IB writing test

- J-Quiz  (Japanese Language High School Competition)

- College In the Schools Field Day at the University of Minnesota


- Kasugaoka High School visits Southwest

- IB Oral Internal Test


- National Japan Bowl  (National Japanese language competition)

- Apply for the JET Memorial Invitation Program (fully funded trip to Japan in July for 19 days)


- Field trip to the Festival of Nations

- IB Japanese Test paper 1 and 2

- AP Japanese Test (optional)


- Trip to Japan---Travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Shimane and visit our sister school, Kasugaoka High School during the trip