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IB Exam Registration is now open 

Cost per exam: $55.00

To register go here: 

Click here for Directions to Register

The culmination of the IB course is the IB exam given in May.   The exams occur during three weeks in May, and as much as possible are administered off-site at area churches in order to provide as quiet an environment as possible.  All IB tests are given over at least two days.  Check the schedule carefully to be sure you know when each part is being given.  Bring several pens and sharp pencils to each exam.  YOU are responsible for bringing writing utensils.  Be aware that if rulers, protractors or calculators are needed for exams, it is your responsibility to bring them.

If you are ill on the day of the exam, call the school with this information.  It is possible (but not guaranteed) that if you take at least 50% of the exam, you may be able to receive a grade for the course.  However, a doctor’s note is required in order to make this request. 

If you miss part of the exam with no acceptable reason, you will not be able to receive a grade for the course. 

Students who miss part or all of an IB exam without an acceptable reason will be assessed a $70.00 fee per exam to help the school recoup the cost of the wasted exam.

Examples of unacceptable reasons:  overslept, went to wrong location, misunderstood time of exam.




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