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IB Extended Essay Candidates


Munira Ali: To what extent is emotional intelligence effective enough in raising a child rather than the usage of physical discipline?

Gracie Brandt-Fontaine: To what extent has the evolution of sexual education in the United States been a reflection of social, cultural, and economic factors between 1890 and 1950?

Maya Casco-Enriquez: How does teacher racial profiling affect a students’ performance in school?

Tobin Chin: To what extent is the underdog effect applicable to nations?

Robert Cross: How would additional sulfite mining, lumbering, fracking, and refining affect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the people connected to it?

Brandon Dash: How is sustainability of natural resources comparable between french food production and that of Saudi Arabia?

Owen Dean: Does GM crop cultivation have the potential to negatively impact the environment to a lesser extent than non-GM crop cultivation?

Bella Ellstrom: To what extent have not-guilty verdicts in cases of police brutality impacted the community?

Adelaide Fanner: Are there any pollutants in Minneapolis's lakes and how would they affect those who use them?

Ashly Flores: How has the evolution of childbirth over time impacted women?

Czarina Jimenez: To what extent does body image play a role in American women’s eating disorders?

Kharli Johnson: To what extent are the lives of Sarah Jane Moore, Lynette Alice Fromme, and John W. Hinckley connected?

Caelen Kleinhans: How did the use of cryptology in World War I, World War II, and the Cold War accelerate the evolution of science and lead to military superiority?

Evan Legrand: To what extent has the art of the music video evolved over time, with a focus on comparing and contrasting, " The Message " by Grandmaster Flash (1982) with "This is America" by Childish Gambino (2018)?

Olivia Leighton: To what extent has youth activism been effective in pushing Nicaragua towards a more democratic government?

Alexander Matoushek: What impact have card games such as poker had on society over time?

Sawyer Michaelson: To what extent does a serious injury psychologically affect an athlete in the long term?

Jemma Montgomery: What are the significant factors that influenced the number of American women in the workforce post-World War Two?

Pel Olson: What conditions did the city of Dessau provide that allowed Bauhaus to flourish from a small provincial art school to a global powerhouse of modernization in design during the Gropius era?

Cyan Pampuch: To what extent is it ethical to conduct human embryonic stem cell research is the US?

Hema Patel: What are the most significant factors hindering worldwide polio eradication today?

Benjamin Peterson: How has society's view on the multitude of possible renewable energy options affected its progression in the U.S. and what possible solutions might there be?

Avery Reichel: What impact does environment have on our behavior?

Ellie Rimmington: How was the LGBT community able to thrive in Berlin during the Weimar Republic, and why did that period of social freedom not last?

Eva Scholz-Carlson: To what extent was female composer Dame Ethel Smyth's popularity influenced by her gender during her lifetime (1858-1944)?

Charlie Shors: To what extent did Michael Grant's novel "Gone" use ideas from William Golding's "Lord of the Flies"?

Paige Simmons: How significant were the Lowell Mills women in changing labor laws in the mid-1800s, and to what extent did they influence other women workers?

Sienna Simmons: To what extent did women’s fashion in the 19th and 20th-century impact gender equality?

Anna Smalley: To what extent did the United States government create the American suburbs?

Elena Stites: To what extent would sulfide-ore mining in the Boundary Waters be damaging to its ecology and the general public?

Charlie Vaaler: To what extent does the militarization of local government and police forces of today actually correlate with protecting the public or National Security?

Ophelia Washington: To what extent does the Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896 Supreme Court decision regarding the 'Separate but Equal' doctrine continue to plague the US public education system in the 21st century and what are the impacts on American youth?