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IB Exams will not take place in 2021. The Minneapolis Public Schools has determined due to Covid-19 protocols it is not safe to offer onsite exams; therefore, the district has opted for the Non Exam Route offered by the International Baccaulaureate due to the pandemic and our status as distance learning.

According to the memo:  MPS Community IB Exams 2021 

Scores, IB Certificates and IB Diplomas and Career-related Certificates will still be issued in July 2021. Scores will be based on a combination of Student Internal Assessment Scores and Teacher Predicted Grades. UP TO DATE NEWS FROM IB

Students are encouraged to focus on the quality of their Internal Assessments and IB Coursework in 2021. 

You may cancel an AP Exam for a full refund by logging into your account. Late fees are non-refundable. Please cancel your exam by April 30th. 


  • How will IB exams be scored without the May exam? The IBO will grade the internal and external assessments for each IB exam. A final IB exam score will be calculated based on the assessment scores, teacher predicted grade, and moderation based on past IB performance.

  • Will the IB Diploma and IB Career-related Certificate still be awarded? Yes.

  • When will IB exam results be known? Students can access results ~July 7th, the same date as in past years. Lisa Ledman will be sending students their login information in March 2021 via email.

  • When are your IB Exam Internal Assessment’s (IAs) and External Assessment's (EAs) due? Each teacher sets their own IA/EA deadlines. Please check with your individual teacher about your due dates.

  • Please contact your IB teacher if you have a question about your IA’s and EA’s.