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IB 20th Century

This rigorous World History college level course challenges IB candidates to develop reading comprehension, analytical writing and analytical discussion skills. The content of this course prepares candidates to meet the demands of the International Baccalaureate Paper I and Paper II exams. This college level course requires IB candidates to study a selection of 20th century world history topics.


 Syllabus topics

Quarter 1 –Haiti Revolution through World War I

Quarter 2 – Road to Global War through World War II

Quarter 3- Algerian Civil War and Independence Movements in Asia and Africa

Quarter 4-  Democratic States and Conflict and Intervention (Rwanda and Kosovo)

(Rwanda and Kosovo)


Topics that will be covered are:

Causes and effects of 20th century wars

Road to Global War – Case studies on Japan, Italy and Germany

Independence Movements

Evolution and development of democratic states

Conflict and Intervention (Rwanda and Kosovo)