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Welcome to AP Government and Politics
Seminar Readings

Seminar Preparation: Unless there is a pre-seminar guide handed out in class and posted on the website, students prepare for seminar by doing the following:

  • Number the paragraphs of the reading so you can easily reference the text during seminar
  • Underline or highlight key ideas/main points
  • Take margin notes or use sticky notes to record your thoughts and questions
    • things with which you agree or disagree
    • suprising, shocking, provocative information
    • ideas you find particularly interesting
    • things that connect to or are relevant to you or the real world
  • At the end of the reading write a 3-5 sentence summary of the reading.
  • Write a question for seminar
PDF The Imperial Presidency   --   The Imperial Presidency by Arthur Schlesinger and The “Imperial Presidency” Triumphant by Michael Cairo
PDF Public Opinion and Mass Media (George Gallup)   --  Public Opinion Polls Seminar Reading
PDF The Merits of Federalism   --  Chapter 3 Seminar Reading