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Lifeskills Health Syllabus

              Life Skills Health Syllabus and Grading Policy

Course – Health

Teacher – Patty Dockendorf

Email Address –

Phone – 612-668-3030

Course Description:

The Lifeskills Health class is a semester class.  Instruction focuses on motivating students to be safe and healthy, reduce risks and to learn life-long wellness behaviors.  Students will be required to apply their knowledge of good health skills to themselves.  Additionally, students will learn about the human body’s organs, development and disease.  A primary focus of the course is for students to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their own health and to practice what they learn.

Grading Policy and Classroom Expectations:

Students will receive 20 points per day for being:

·      On time to class.

·      On task.

·      No Electronics.

·      Respectfulness

Students will also be graded on homework, assignments and quizzes.

90-100%=A  80-89%=B  70-79%=C  60-69%=D  50-59%=F