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2015-2016 MUS News

Following are the announcments sent out by email to the team over the course of the 2015-2016 season.  Join the Facebook group to keep up with detailed team conversations (i.e., practice cancellations, carpool coordinating, etc.)

Getting TeamSnap Notifications
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 12:25 PM


If you're not getting MÜS TeamSnap messages, you may need to change your settings so that you do! This is how we communicate important information to the team, and if there's a last minute change for a game time or location, this is how you'll know about it.

You can customize the settings for what makes the most sense for you (email, text, and/or phone notifications). You set them all by editing your information on the Roster in the app on your phone or on a computer. Here's how to do it in the iPhone app (should be the same or similar for Android):

  1. Open your name on the Roster.
  2. Tap Edit (upper right corner).
  3. Tap the email address (and edit it or add a new one as necessary).
  4. Turn on the switch to get team emails.
  5. Tap your mobile number (and edit it or add a new one as necessary).
  6. Turn on the alerts switch (so you will get text message alerts that are sent to the team) and select your carrier.
  7. Tap Save (upper right corner).

You may also wish to customize the TeamSnap notifications settings so that get push notifications on your phone for messages sent. You can set these in the general Notifications settings for your Phone or in the general TeamSnap Settings.