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Steve Gehrenbeck-Miller

¡Bien venidos a la clase de Español ! Welcome to Spanish Class! This language classroom is a communications course. Students learn to converse in a second language as well as develop an ability to understand and appreciate differences, and interact with others from multiple cultures. These social skills will prove useful in many settings. In our class we will strive to speak Spanish as much as possible. This technique is called the “Natural Approach” and is immersion style, learning vocabulary, creating stories and conversations with “comprehensible input”

(using vocabulary that the students already know), reading and writing phrases using the vocabulary. For Spanish 1, the year will begin focused on listening and reading opportunities (receptive activities), then progress to more speaking and writing (productive activities) as students get a feel for the language. For both Spanish 1 and 2, students take part in many engaging activities.



  • student skits
  • presentations
  • answer and question periods
  • artistic interpretation
  • novels
  • native speakers
  • community events.