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Fully funded 10-day study tour to Japan (Kakehashi Project)

A Fully Funded 10-day study tour to Japan! 

The Japanese Program at Southwest was selected to participate in the “KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow" - funded by the government of Japan.  This project gave us a fully funded 10-day study tour to Japan from July 8th to July 18th 2013.  23 students,  former Southwest teacher, Mr. Wanvig and Mrs. French enjoyed time in Japan.  Here is the web site of this trip.  click here please.

You can watch the video if this trip.  Click here.

Students did presentation of Kakehashi Project at the staff meeting on Tuesday, October 1st.  Please click here to watch their presentation.


Kakehashi Presentation at the schoolboard

19 students and 11 parents of Kakehashi project members went to the schoolboard to present the Kakehashi Project on March 11th.  Fadumo and Susie gave their speech to the board members.  We are very proud of our complishment.  These are the pictures.  Please click here to see them.  Here is the viideo of the trip to Japan.  Please click here to see it.

document Application Form   --  Xcel Version of application form
PDF Application Form   --  PDF version of the application form
document Letter of Understanding   --  Word Version
PDF Letter of Understanding   --  PDF version