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final project

Final Psychology Presentation


As a group, 2-4 people,  (or individually) you will present a High School Behavior from a psychological perspective.  Based on your observations and conversations your group must identify and attempt to explain a behavior that is commonly found in High School.  The following information must be filled in and given to me before you present this to the class with a power point (visuals!).  Time will be about 5 minutes per person.

Your method will be Observational.

What is your research question?

What is your theory?

Devise a research, observation, correlation, survey, interveiw, or an experiment that might try to establish cause and effect. YOU WILL NOT RUN any RESEARCH!!

What are possible explanations for your observations and research?

Try to use the 3 perspectives, biological, cognitive, and socio cultural to explain behavior. 

You need to present some studies or published work that has been done concerning your theory, or close to it.