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Genetics Unit Videos

Chapter 16

Evolution Unit: Dogs and More Dogs (56:01)

Evolution Unit: Fact vs Theory vs Hypothesis vs Law...

Evolution Unit: What is Evolution Anyway? Twelve Days of Evolution

Evolution Unit: The Origin of a Species: The Making of a Theory

Evolution Unit: Darwin's Dangerous Idea

Evolution Unit: What is Natural Selection?

Evolution Unit: Proof of Evolution That You Can Find on Your Body Vestigial Structures

Evolution Unit: Why Do We Have Butt Hair? Vestigial Structures

Evolution Unit: Earwax Evolution


Chapter 17

Evolutions Unit: When Sex is Hard

Evolution Unit: Why Sex?

Evolution Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Speciation

Evolution Unit: Tale of the Peacock (goes with chap 17 PPT)

Evolution Unit: Evolution in Action, Salamanders