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LINKS: a variety of very useful links

U. of M. Language Center: The University of Minnesota Language Center's home page.  Click on "Language_Specific Content Links" and click on Spanish or any other language that you wish to practice.

Practica tu castellano: Study Spanish Com. Very good website to get lessons (108), quizes, pronunciation, and vocabulary about many differente subjects.

Práctica de todo:  An excellent site for grammar exercises, vocabulary, activities, verbs and a little bit of everything.  Many interactive games.

Más ejercicos de todo (con ahorcado): Ejercicios en castellano (y neerlandés y francés también), con TRAILERS, NOTICIAS/REPORTAJES, ANUNCIOS, Y VOCABULARIO Y GRAMÁTICA.

4992 EJERCICIOS: A french website to practice absolutely EVERYTHING. Click on "translate this page" when the little window appears on top to make it easier to understand the instructions in french.

Más Práctica: Another good site to practice your grammar and listening while you learn about the hispanic culture.

Incluso más práctica: USE INTERNET EXPLORER for this site. If you use CHROME, you won't be able to play the recordings. Very good site to practice your listening skills. Copy the link, open EXPLORER, paste the link and open it.

Continuen practicando: Sixty two lessons just any subject, with quizes Y MUCHO vocabulario.

A practicar sus oídos: A website for BEGINNERS or if you want to review basic conversational vocabulary.

A escuchar: Sharpen your listening skills. Phone conversations from different latin american countries about different topics. No transcripts, but very authentic.

Duolingo: Challenge yourself. A website where you start from the basic and as you master a level you move up to the the next.  TRY IT!!!!  It is fun and you will master Spanish in no time and you can do downloaded to your phone.

Conjugar Verbos:   A website just to help you conjugate verbs in alphabetical order.  Have Fun!!!!!

Conjugar más verbos:   Write down the verb that YOU want to conjugate.

Refranes:  Hundreds of the most popular sayings and proverbs in Spanish.

Más refranes: 100 of the most popular sayings in Spanish.

Trabalenguas: Tonguetwisters in any language, but of course, look at the ones en CASTELLANO (ESPAÑOL).

Centro Virtual Cervantes: Very interesting site with readings and games. Click on LENGUA, then PALABRA POR PALABRA, then JUEGOS Y PREMIOS, then JUGAR (see below).

Juegos y Premios: Here is the link, click in any of the links JUGAR and enjoy the games.

Más juegos: Games of all type from the Centro Virtual Cervantes. Click an any level Y DIVIERTETE!!!

Travel, Study and Learn Spanish: A good source to find out if you want to study Spanish in Spain.

BBC: The BBC in Spanish. Spanish Steps (Beginners), Sueños (intermediate) and Mi Vida Loca (advanced) plus much more.

BBC Mundo: News and articles from around the world...EN ESPAÑOL.

Flascards: Un sitio muy CHEVERE. Click on anything and practice DE TODO.

David y Carmen: When David met Carmen. A story written by many people...DISFRUTALA Y RIE MUCHO!!!

España: Las diecisiete regiones de España.

Traductor: Word Reference: a good website to translate from any language into another language.

Real Academia Española: El sitio oficial de la lengua castellana.

Gramática Española: La gramática del sitio oficial de la Real Academia Española.