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Concussion Information

Concussions are one of the risks of playing ultimate frisbee.  

Moose Ultimate Southwest

Concussion Training and Awareness Policy

As a youth sports activity that charges a participation fee, Moose Ultimate Southwest (MUS) is

required to comply with the Minnesota State Concussion Law, which mandates that:

  • All coaches (head and assistants) and officials receive concussion training and education

    by September 1, 2011, and then at three-year intervals thereafter.

  • Coaches must remove an athlete from activity if they exhibit signs, symptoms or

    behaviors consistent with a concussion and/or are suspected of sustaining a concussion

  • The law also requires an appropriate health care professional's signature to return to

    play if an athlete is removed due to a concussion or is showing signs or symptoms of a



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a free, online course at:

Upon completion of this course, coaches are to submit the training certificate to the MUS Club


MUS Chaperones may also, but are not required to, receive concussion training.

All players and parents are encouraged for become familiar with concussion facts, symptoms,

prevention, and reporting of potential concussions. Educational materials are available from the

CDC at:

To this end, the above link to concussion educational material will be sent to MUS players and

parents, through the normal communication channels, by the beginning of the Spring Minnesota

High School Ultimate League Spring season.

Joseph J. Burkhardt

President, MUS Boosters, 2011-2012



Please see the following documents for information provided by the CDC about concussions.