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Please see the process for students to visit with college representatives at Southwest High School below. Many colleges and military reps visit our school every year, and we encourage you to meet with college reps from the schools you are interested in. They can offer a wealth of information about their schools and programs!

Please remember, all college rep visits are scheduled on Naviance - it's the most up-to-date list. Log onto Naviance ( and under the college tab click on "upcoming college visits."  We also keep a list on the bulletin board outside of the CCC.

****If you are interested in meeting with a college rep who is visiting SWHS you must:****

  • Sign up on Naviance to attend the visit.
  • Obtain a college rep visit pass from Ms. Jastrow or Barb in the Counseling Office--make sure you obtain the pass prior to the visit!
  • Get permission from your teacher to leave class (they should sign your pass). Note:  teachers have the right to deny you permission.  Please respect their decision.
  • Come to the CCC during the scheduled time.
  • Present your pass and sign in on the attendance sheet.

Rep Visit FAQs:

Do I need to register in Naviance in order to attend a visit?

  • Yes, please.  Registrations give us an idea of how many student we can expect to see, and we use this information for scheduling purposes. If you are unable to register, you may still attend.

Why should I meet with reps who come to SW?

  • They can offer a wealth of information about their schools and answer any questions you have about attending the school or paying for college.
  • Meeting with visiting reps also shows your interest in a particular school, which can be an important thing to communicate to the colleges you plan to apply to.
  • It’s cheaper to visit with a representative at SW than to visit a campus (especially for colleges in other states!).  Start by asking your questions and getting a feel for the college through a conversation with a visiting rep.  If you’re still interested in the school, consider scheduling your own campus visit.

How do I know who's visiting?

  • All visits are listed in your Naviance account. Select colleges and view upcoming visits. (you will also register here!) This list is most up-to-date.
  • In print on the bulletin board outside the CCC.
  • In the Monday Newsletter, the CCC Happenings, emailed out to all students (lists any visits for that week and the following week)
  • Newsletter can also be found here:  CCC Happenings


Parents:  please note that these visits are reserved for students only.  Please connect with the representative about meeting him or her outside of the school day, or check the CCC Happenings for local college events.