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Where do SW students go?

Since 2007*, we have been using Naviance to track out students' plans for after high school.   We work very hard to encourage students to fully explore all of their opportunities for life after high school.  Factors that impact their choices may include major selection, size, location, financial aid package, study abroad and other programs, internship opportunities, family obligations, etc. 

Click on the Naviance link to see the acceptance history of our graduating classes since 2007.  You will need to "enter as guest" and then click on the "college" tab.  Under the "college" tab," click on "acceptance history."

*Note:  we don't officially collect the matriculation plans for students until mid- to late-May of their senior year.  If you are checking before the current class' date of graduation, the matriculation plans for the current class will NOT be included in the acceptance history.

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