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Cell Video Clips

Chapter 7

Cell Unit: How to Use a Microscope (14:37) Start at 1 minute

Cell Unit: Inside a Cell (43:38)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Intro to Cells: The Grand Cell Tour (9:26)

Cell Unit: Magic School Bus Goes Cellular (22:00)

Cell Unit: The Chemistry of Tender Turkey (3:00)

Cell Unit: What Makes Tattoos Permanent? (4:25)

Cell Unit: What Happens During Laser Tattoo Removal? (1:11)

Cell Unit: Bill Nye: Cells (21:11)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters:Osmosis (9:27)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Cell Membranes and Cell Transport (7:49)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Mitosis (8:26)



Chapter 8

Cell Unit: The Private Life of Plants: "Growing" Be sure to open with Chrome (1:38:00)

Cell Unit: Bill Nye: Plants Be sure to open with Chrome (23:06)

Cell Unit: Where do trees get their mass from? (4:09)

Cell Unit: How the Calvin Cycle Work

Cell Unit: Photosynthesis Crash Course Advanced level of understanding:) (13:14)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Photosynthesis (7:45)


Chapter 9

Cell Unit: Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration (6:10)

Cell Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Cellular Respiration (7:48)


Chapter 10

Cells Unit: Mitosis Scene From Twilight (1:10)

Cells Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Mitosis (8:26)

Cells Unit: Mitosis vs Meiosis Rap Battle (3:01)

Cells Unit: Paper Centrifuge (1:59)